TED™ Hair Restoration in Vienna, VA

Hair thinning can occur at any age with stress, dietary influences, and hormonal imbalances that may trigger androgenetic alopecia, commonly referred to as pattern hair loss in both men and women. The Restore Hair Place utilizes the Alma TED hair restoration technique using the Impact Delivery™ handpiece, enhanced by the TED+ Hair Care Formula, as a leading-edge procedure to encourage hair growth. Sound waves and the force of air from the TED treatment transport the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula and its 33 ingredients deep into your head to encourage blood circulation while also carrying vital nutrients that help lengthen, fortify, and attach the hair. Our team is certified in TED technology. To explore this gentle hair revitalization method, please book a consultation with our hair restoration experts at our Tysons Corner area practice located in Vienna, VA.

As hair restoration treatments continue to evolve, there has been a shift toward effective, nonsurgical procedures from a time when surgical interventions were the only recourse in dealing with hair thinning or loss. Modern advances in dermatological technology have created an innovative and discreet method that minimizes discomfort and downtime. The Restore Hair Place offers TED hair restoration, a groundbreaking minimally invasive approach that provides excellent results.

Unlike traditional hair restoration methods that rely on lasers or needles to penetrate the scalp, the TED system harnesses the power of acoustic sound waves and air pressure for a noninvasive treatment. This innovative method provides a more comfortable experience and enhances the scalp's absorption of the TED+ Hair Care Formula. A handheld device is smoothly passed over the scalp, boosting blood flow in the process. The sound waves generate microbubbles beneath the skin, improving nutrient absorption, while air pressure ensures these nutrients reach deep into the dermis. Clients typically experience minimal discomfort, and we recommend at least three sessions to reach your goals.

The TED hair restoration system at The Restore Hair Place not only rejuvenates dormant hair follicles but also brings an array of advantages to our clients in the Tysons Corner area of Vienna, VA. This innovative solution features the following benefits:

  • Comfort and convenience: A noninvasive method that surpasses other hair restoration options in comfort, eliminating the need for recovery downtime
  • Scar-free experience: Leaves no scars on the scalp, maintaining its natural appearance
  • Enhanced hair quality: Delivers essential nutrients directly to the scalp, promoting thicker, healthier hair
  • Efficient treatment sessions: Offers quick and easy sessions that fit seamlessly into busy schedules
  • Natural-looking results: Results look and feel authentic, blending seamlessly with your natural hair
  • Boosted self-confidence: Helps restore your confidence by enhancing your hair's appearance

Dr Choby saw me quickly, explained every step, and made sure I was comfortable and pain free. Highly recommend.

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I had a consult today and Dr Choby was truly kind and knowledgeable. The office is easy to find and parking is plenty. Kat (front desk) was very helpful and polite.

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If you have noticed that your hair is starting to thin, you might be an ideal candidate for TED hair restoration at The Restore Hair Place. TED hair treatments are effective for both men and women experiencing hair loss as a result of genetics or other issues. Our team will perform a comprehensive scalp evaluation before building a personalized hair restoration plan for you.

What is the cost of TED hair restoration?

The cost differs based on the number of sessions recommended for your ideal enhancements. When you have your first visit, we will find out your needs and discuss your hair growth ambitions before designing a personalized rejuvenation program, including pricing.

How many TED hair restoration treatments are recommended?

We recommend that you explore treatment options as soon as hair thinning or baldness is noticed. The amount of TED treatments will differ based on the degree of the hair loss. Apparent results are typically attained after the starting group of three treatment sessions spaced out over several weeks.

Does TED hair restoration hurt?

Many patients say there is almost no pain during the hair restoration treatment. The innovative technololgy employs ultrasound energy and the force of air to help release the special hair restoration product beneath into the skin, which should not feel painful.

You can rediscover lush hair with The Restore Hair Place's revolutionary TED hair restoration system developed by Alma. This cutting-edge treatment helps to revive your hair's youthful vitality without the downtime of surgical procedures. Our TED-certified team in the Tysons Corner area in Vienna, VA is ready to support your journey to fuller hair. Schedule your consultation today for long-lasting hair rejuvenation results.

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